Want to Accelerate Healing from Sexual Trauma?

Client Testimonials

It has just been phenomenal working with Kelly Noel Zeva and healing my past relationship trauma by working through it on an energetic level. I’ve seen immediate results, and I’m moving at a very fast pace… The best part? I’ve learned to communicate more effectively, and that’s helped me create healthier relationships.

Lindsay Rogers

Madison, WI

Working with Kelly Noel for the past three years has been worth every penny. During that time, I left a job I didn’t like, began helping others heal with past life regressions, and have explored parts of my sexuality that I felt ashamed of. This is just what my soul needed.

Sarah Rose Chevalier

Reiki Master & Content Creator, Sexual Trauma Soul Healing

I worked with Kelly Noel for almost 6 months. I’ve been single for a really long time. Coaching has helped me release fear, anxiety… so much of what I’ve been holding onto, and I feel so light. Since working with Kelly Noel, I’ve created amazing relationships, and I love myself more than ever before.

Paul Nelson

Denver, CO

How I’ve healed sexual trauma & created an awesome relationship

by Kelly Noel Zeva | May 23, 2023

Hi, I’m Kelly Noel! I’ve been helping other people heal sexual trauma for the past 4 years. In that time, I’ve had several clients do things they never thought they would: go on dates, attract healthier partnerships, save their marriage, come out as a queer person, and learn to communicate better.

But before that, I had to heal my OWN shame and trauma around sex.

Throughout my childhood, I received various messages from my peer group, the Catholic Church, and the media I consumed that sex was not okay. My body was not okay. Being queer was not okay. I was not okay. Starting in middle school, I even turned to self-harm as a way to deal with my anxiety and feelings of worthlessness.

By the time I got to high school, I was rigid and zealous in my Catholic beliefs as a way to “fit in” and create order and safety in my life. I wore a purity ring, attended rallies and national conferences, and shamed myself for “lustful thoughts about women.”

I was blind to the fact that adhering to a strict, black-and-white interpretation of Catholic dogma was poisoning me. Despite being a “successful” A+ student, I was miserable and had suicidal thoughts. Even after I left the Catholic Church, I felt shame and confusion around my desires and my sexual orientation for many years. More than that, I created toxic, unfulfilling relationships.

Before I found somatic processing, I healed my trauma through obsessive researching, trial and error, and by having lots of courage.

Beginning in 2012, I began devouring content about conscious dating, sacred sexuality, polyamory, and energy healing, trying to find something that would both a) help me feel more connected to my body and b) help me feel more connected to my soul, my spirit.

As part of that journey, I’ve practiced sex magic (solo and partnered), become a Reiki Master Teacher, and healed past life trauma through past life regressions (PLRs). Not only have I made peace with my sexual orientation and gender identity, I’ve learned to listen to my body and create deeper, more connective relationships.

Back in 2021, I even started dating my Divine Match, a man who is a true partner.

Since then, we’ve been in a committed neo-Tantric relationship that’s helped us heal some of our deepest traumas. Oh, and we had a child 5 days before our 1-year anniversary… and conceived the first time we had intercourse.

Talk about energetic alignment!

Though we’re not perfect (far from it!), my partner and I choose each day to co-create a relationship that helps us heal, grow, and thrive.

In just 2 years, we’ve successfully navigated what many couples face over a lifetime:

Health & Capacity Issues

  • Global pandemic
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Postpartum depression
  • Chronic illness
  • Attachment crises
  • Triggers & trauma responses

Life Transitions

  • Unexpected pregnancy
  • Moving in together
  • Changes in income
  • Job changes & losses
  • Having a child
  • Buying a house

Shared Growth

  • Co-parenting
  • Household chores
  • Miscommunication
  • Polyamory/ethical non-monogamy
  • Jealousy and insecurity
  • Exploring conscious *spicy play*

Despite the speed at which our relationship developed, and the challenges it’s entailed, we’re still together and still working together.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way (and am still learning!), and I also know that without my experience as a coach, without being in therapy, and without the previous healing work I’d already done, I would NOT have been able to co-create or successfully navigate this relationship.

And it’s taken me nearly a decade of deep work and several coaches, programs, certifications, and various kinds of somatic processing to get to where I am.

Let me support you so it takes you a fraction of the time it took me before you create a loving and magical relationship with your Divine Match.

Wherever you are on your journey, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’ll help get you where you want to go 10x faster.

When you’re ready, here are three ways we can work together:

Resources & Templates

I have a variety of free resources that you can access from the site, including my blog and podcast. You can also invest in some quick-fix digital products, like my educational novel Approach ($5-$25), the Safer Scene Worksheets ($17), and my signature trauma-sensitive limit list ($27).

Courses & Programs

If you want a more comprehensive solution rather than just a quick fix, try one of my many self-paced courses or group/hybrid coaching programs. These programs will help you make great strides with healing sexual trauma holistically and creating the spicy relationship of your dreams.

Private Coaching

Want a more in-depth approach to healing sexual trauma? Maybe 1-on-1 coaching is a fit for you. I take up to 10 private coaching clients at any one time, and we connect over Zoom biweekly. You also have Voxer and email access to me between our sessions in case you need additional support. Apply here.