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New to Approach? Here’s the skinny.

The first book in the Crystalline Kink BDSM erotica series, Approach details the journey of Nicky Rivera and Kieran Jackson during the COVID-19 pandemic. This book has explicit content, and is intended for a mature audience (18+).

At the tender age of 20, Nicky Rivera receives a crystal-clear intuitive message. In five years, they will meet their future husband. As time goes on, however, Nicky loses faith that their Divine Match is just around the corner, and they cycle through old relationships and patterns of trauma.

The consent-forward, polyamorous Daddy Dom Kieran Jackson is delighted when he first meets Nicky. Here’s someone he’d like to get to know better. But even as the two of them connect, Kieran realizes that Nicky isn’t ready to be in any kind of relationship with him.

Ten months after they first meet, Nicky and Kieran’s lives unexpectedly collide. Just four months later, COVID-19 halts all kinky play parties. When the pandemic wears on with no end in sight, Nicky approaches Kieran with a proposal to help both of them: to become platonic play partners, and safely do kink and BDSM with each other. Unbeknownst to Nicky, their proposal sets more into motion than they imagined and initiates a powerful healing journey for both them and Kieran.

Praise for Approach

Book #1 in the Crystalline Kink Series

“Approach is educational, erotic, and enlightening. I couldn’t devour it fast enough.”

Heather Rizzo

Energy Medicine Practitioner, Return to Balance

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