About Kelly Noel

Hi, I’m Kelly Noel Zeva, and I’m an energy healer and holistic intimacy coach. I came from an unusual background: I grew up Roman Catholic like my mom and her family, but my dad was agnostic when he and my mom met. By the time they had me, he was exploring all sorts of different spiritual paths. As such, it was common that he and I talked about past lives, reincarnation, out-of-body experiences, and meditation while I was in elementary and middle school.

In high school, I became very deeply religious, and I still sought to reconcile what I was learning about Catholicism with logic and what seemed reasonable… did it make sense that I only had one lifetime? Was I really going to hell for things like masturbation and premarital sex?

When I finally drifted away from Catholicism in college, I started to gravitate back toward New Age beliefs. I started learning about tarot and crystals, cleaned up my diet and became pescatarian, and attended shamanic group healings. I had my first lucid dream. I watched videos that made me question my beliefs about the world, health, and myself. But most of all, I started to uncover who I really was.

Once I moved to Madison in October 2015, my interest in New Age spirituality grew even more. I joined an angel meditation group, ended a relationship that was no longer in alignment for me, and began deep-diving on topics like ascension, starseeds, twin flames, Crystal Children, intuition, Reiki, light language, and chakra healing. I began providing angel tarot card readings to people at The Rose Gallery in Lake Mills (which has since closed). I began remembering some of my past lives. And in October 2016, I became an energy healer when I took Reiki by studying with Calleen Bohl. My intuition expanded, and I began incorporating more of that into my tarot card readings.

At the time, I was in a relationship with someone who was agnostic, and I was struggling. I was diving deeper and deeper into New Age beliefs, and I was just as zealous about them as I had been about Catholicism. Ultimately, we broke up, and I found myself looking at a lot of things: my career path, my relationships, and my attitude toward spirituality. I became a Reiki Master Teacher, went to Sedona and Peru (the former was a solo trip) and just kept looking. Despite being a Reiki Master, I still hadn’t integrated the energy into my daily life and it felt more like “something I had done” rather than “something I was.”


In early 2018, I took Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki with Terri Mohr. I had contacted her shortly after taking my Reiki Master class because I knew I felt called to take that level of the class. Spirit had made it clear that I was to take my classes with Calleen in quick succession, and Terri and I arranged it so that I took Karuna Reiki with her a week after I was eligible. (William Rand, the creator of the system requires that someone be a Reiki Master for at least a year before taking Karuna Reiki.)

After the first night of my class, I had the most powerful orgasm EVER. I felt so connected to Source and it was a mind-bending, multidimensional opening. While I’d had experiences with conscious sexuality prior to then, I began to realize the power of merging energy healing and sexuality.

This Karuna Reiki class was really where my Reiki integration began, and this was heigtened when I took the Holy Fire III upgrade webinar in January 2019. Throughout 2019, I became Reiki for the first time; energy healing became a daily practice, something that I wove into my life without thinking about it. In late September, I had another opening during a healing session facilitated by Allyson Bright. A new guide emerged for me, a Dominion named Amiel, and my healing powers upgraded. Shortly thereafter, I began facilitating past and parallel lifetime regressions for clients on an as-needed basis.

Now, I teach energy healing classes and lead weekend-long retreats in Wisconsin, and I offer holistic sex & intimacy coaching for passionate, intuitive people of all genders. In coaching sessions, it’s a blend of mindset and accountability coaching as well as energy healing. Sometimes, it’s more of one than the other, and love being able to float back and forth among modalities for my clients.

I also write and speak about energy healing, metaphysics, conscious sexuality, and empowered kink. I’ve been featured in Romper and Mogul, and I’ve contributed to Pizza Beer Yoga, Mogul Mom, and Amanda Linette Meder‘s blog. Speaking-wise, I’ve presented at DisruptHR and KGN Madison; in April, I’ll be presenting at Satyricon Wisconsin’s monthly event.

Study energy healing with me

Check out my calendar of classes and events here. Some of the classes are in-person, and others are remote. If you’re new to energy healing (or know someone who is), I have a biweekly free event called Energy Healing 101. I also teach Reiki 1&2 and Reiki Master classes, which are listed on my event calendar. Typically, I require that someone has prior exposure to energy healing before I am willing to work with them as a coaching client.

Work with me as your coach

I’m specifically looking to work with people 30+ who are already somewhat connected to their intuition and have done substantial healing through therapy, self-development, and energy healing. The first step is to fill out my coaching application form. From there, we’ll schedule a 90-minute breakthrough call where I’ll support you in getting clarity on where you’re stuck. We’ll also determine if it’s a mutual HELL YES. If it is, then I’ll work with you for 3-6 months to achieve specific results like creating a new partnership, healing an existing relationship, and overcoming sexual shame and trauma.

Hire me for writing/speaking

I am currently looking for opportunities to speak about authentic dating for Millennials, sacred sexuality, embracing the Divine Masculine/Feminine, conscious kink/BDSM, and energy healing. If there is substantial exposure, I am willing to consider unpaid opportunities for both writing and speaking. For unpaid writing opportunities, I require a readership of 100,000+ visitors per month, the ability to include 3+ links to my other articles, and a way to link to my email list. For sites with a smaller readership, I am willing to discuss my rates for writing an article. All speaking opportunities will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contact me here to learn more.