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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been reading about Earth’s shift from the third dimension (3D) to the fifth dimension (5D), that’s supposedly taking place. Maybe you’ve started wondering about what needs to change for us to create a human-centered global community concerned with the best interest of the collective. It seems like a tall task. And considering certain leaders feel our current 5D ascension timeline has us living in this world fully by 2042, just 19 years away, it feels even more daunting.

This transition has already been challenging for many of us. There will continue to be tough days ahead. But now that it’s 2023, we’ll begin to see more and more elements of this 5D global community being built. We’ll transition away from oil and fuel, and money and power will move away from the Silent Generation and the Boomers to Millennials and Gen Z as they begin inheriting their parents’ wealth. Many of them will reinvest in their communities.

Even so, we will need to support each other and work together during the years ahead. But the journey will be amazing, inspiring, and wonderful.

What is the 5D Ascension Timeline?

The following timeline highlights key milestones that I’ve pieced together from my own research and Divine wisdom, Diana Cooper’s book Birthing a New Civilization: Transition to the New Golden Age in 2032, Alexandrian Kosmos’ blog, Sal Rachele’s insights, and Jeanne Mayell’s predictions. This blog post was first published in 2018 and has since been updated, revised, and expanded. Many posts and articles on the subject of ascension to 5D are a few years old, and I’ve found many are not as comprehensive. Essentially, there are four major phases of this ascension process: the initial transition (2013-2016), the mass cleansing (2017-2022), creating the 5D template (2023-2032), and settling in our new world (2032-2042).

1. The Initial Transition (2013-2016)

The previous Atlantean Golden Age ended in 2012 and coincided with the completion of a 5,126-year cycle on the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. At that moment, we officially began the next 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinox. During this time, the groundwork was laid to help make the transition an easier one, and the movement toward a more heart-centered and holistic world was beginning to gain steam, if in subtle ways.

During these 4 years, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey debuted on multiple networks and won a Peabody Award; adult coloring books became popular, leading to an increase in active meditation; organic food continues to became more popular, with sales of $43 billion in the United States in 2016; and Bernie Sanders emerged as a strong progressive leader who almost won the Democratic nomination for president. The stage is set for the mass cleansing as the United Kingdom (UK) votes to leave the European Union (EU) with “Brexit“; police shootings against unarmed Black men highlight the U.S.’ systemic racism; and Russian athletes and coaches are penalized for systemic doping.

2. The Mass Cleansing (2017-2022)

Starting in 2017, our Earth began its mass cleansing. Globally, this is a time where we will see oppressive political, economic, and cultural systems collapse to make way for new growth. As part of this mass cleansing, old mindsets and paradigms are rapidly shifting on both the individual level, and the collective level. From some perspectives, it may seem that we’re seeing the worst of our society. The reality is that everything is coming to the surface so that we can recognize oppressive laws and structures and change them.

During this mass cleansing, the seeds of a society that values holistic health and wellness (including energy healing and sacred sexuality) begin to sprout. Talking about mental health (including anxiety) becomes normalized. The polarization between liberals and conservatives increases as those who have been in power (and still have 3D values) grip onto their power even more tightly. During these years of mass cleansing, a severe economic crisis and pandemic paved way for these massive shifts to happen.

2017 Highlights

Meditation apps and adult coloring books become increasingly popular as people become more interested in mindfulness. Bernie Sanders remains a popular politician, even as some people blame him for Clinton losing the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Donald Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States, despite having made several racist and sexist comments during his political campaign. A mass shooting occurs in Las Vegas, Nevada, again raising concern about gun control policy.

2018 Highlights

After a mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, thousands of U.S. students protest throughout the country, and the March For Our Lives movement gains steam to change gun policy. In Madison, Wisconsin, alone, thousands of students march around the state capitol. Governor Rick Scott signs the most aggressive gun control reform bill in recent years following the school shooting. Tariffs on steel and aluminum not made in the U.S. forecast an impending trade war. The stock and housing markets show increased instability. People become more introspective and focus more on spirituality.

2019 Highlights

Warren Buffett vows to give away the majority of his wealth before his passing, donating copious amounts to the Gates Foundation and other charities and nonprofit organizations. Cosmos: Possible Worlds hosted by Neil DeGrasse Tyson airs on Fox and National Geographic. Progressives become more organized politically, and mindfulness is being taught in schools. There is an economic slowdown, and generally, the world realizes it cannot continue the way it has been. If a recession/depression does not befall the U.S. in 2019, the country teeters on the edge of one this entire year.

2020 Highlights

The COVID-19 pandemic hits the entire world, and Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius, encouraging people to become more heart-centered.  There is a massive explosion in the number of holistic wellness practitioners who offer services to clients and patients. Furthermore, more TV shows depict what kind of life is possible as we continue to move into the 5th dimension. Cosmos: Possible Worlds hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson also premieres; as of 2022, it is available for streaming on Disney+.

The Earth begins to move physically into 5D at this point in the 5D Ascension timeline. Spiritual awareness and consciousness continue to increase, and hybrid and electric cars continue to become more mainstream. A Dutch company pilots the Living Cocoon, an Earth-friendly coffin made of mycelium that decomposes in only 45 days.

2021 Highlights

Activism is at an all-time high in the U.S. People protest against to police brutality, lack of gun control, wealth inequity, and anti-trans legislation. Worldwide, billionaires and right-wing politicians seek to maintain their power. They know they have to manipulate the system to remain in power.

Holistic health and wellness, including Reiki and telehealth, become more commonplace. Remote or hybrid work becomes more the norm since people have gotten used to it during the pandemic. Production of self-driving cars begins in China. There is more market upset, and the effects of climate change, including permafrost melting, intensify.

2022 Highlights

Denmark moves to a cashless society, the first step toward having a sharing economy where currency and finances are irrelevant. More devices and accessories become connected to the Internet.

3. Creating the 5D Template (2023-2032)

We are now beginning to build the blueprint for our new world. During this 10-year period, women will move into leadership positions, and a female will become President of the U.S. The United States will no longer be a global superpower, and two major trends emerge. The first? More people focus on living sustainably. They will grow their own food, and either walk, bike, or use electric transportation.

Second, technology advances at a rapid pace. Virtual reality (VR) becomes integral to even more aspects of daily life, including education. Driverless cars become a mainstay, and Internet access becomes a human right. Artificial intelligence (AI) and data automation will play greater roles in how businesses and governments are run.

Also during this period of the 5D Ascension timeline, hatred and racism become unacceptable. Humans become more peaceful, loving, and accepting of others, and more interested in spirituality and metaphysics. Large numbers of Rainbow Children will also be born during this period, and they help raise the vibration of the Earth.

Various kinds of holistic healing, including Reiki, supplement Western medicine. We also eliminate any remaining social, economic, and cultural structures that are not in the greatest and highest good of all.

4. Settling in Our New World (2033-2042)

By 2032, we will have adapted to the new normal on Earth, including climate change. The population will have declined somewhat, and having a modest living will be considered dignified. Buying expensive things won’t be as important, and governments will start disappearing. While cities may still be sizeable in 2042, the longer-term trend will be to have smaller, sustainable communities. We will utilize crystals to cleanse and purify water, and holistic healing will be integral, even more important than Western medicine.

What This 5D Ascension Timeline Means Moving Forward

So, there you have it! While it’s helpful to understand the current 5D Ascension timeline, it isn’t worth much unless we change our behavior. That way, we start creating this world together. To help bring this world about sooner, become a conscious consumer and creator. First, be mindful of anything that enters your space. Second, monitor the media you watch, the food you eat (including meat and seafood), and the organizations you support. Third, take time to heal your trauma. If you have sexual trauma, try these three things.

Last, be sure to compost your food scraps, and reuse and upcycle what you can. Grow your own food, donate to charitable causes, and volunteer. By doing all these things, we’ll all contribute toward hastening the arrival of this 5D world that’s built on cooperation, unity, and love.

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