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What the Heck is the Bridgerton Bash?

Great question! I absolutely adore the Netflix series Bridgerton, and I thought I’d do something extra special for my community to celebrate the Season 3 premiere!

For 3 days only, you can get 30% off all of my readily available products, courses, and services AND $300 off your ticket for the Bound to Heal 2024 retreat or any private retreats.

Products & Courses

Approach: BDSM Novel & eBook

An educational and erotic BDSM novel that follows Nicky Rivera and Daddy Dom Kieran Jackson during the COVID-19 pandemic. What happens when all in-person BDSM play parties stop and he’s the only one left?

Regular Pricing: $6

Soiree Special: $4.20

Radically Easy Relationship Convos

After this 40-minute training, you’ll have the tools to make any difficult conversation radically easy. This covers the 2:3:2 Conversation Framework I use with my partner as well as other communication strategies.

Regular Pricing: $9

Soiree Special: $6.30

The Safer Scene Worksheets

Fillable PDF worksheets to have kinky fun without worrying about trauma. Includes questions to consider, and to help you create an authentic process to get back on track if something unexpected happens.

Regular Pricing: $9

Soiree Special: $6.30

Better BDSM Limit List

My signature course ALL about BDSM limits that includes the first-of-its-kind trauma-sensitive limit list. Go from overwhelm to kinky fun in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Bridgerton.

Regular Pricing: $47

Soiree Special: $32.90

1-on-1 Coaching

 Clicking on the text or images below will take you to the checkout pages or booking link for each option. Want to see the sales page for the coaching offers (aka, why you should work with me)? Here’s my super snazzy Google Doc.

Voxer Power Hour (60 min)

Want to get down and dirty? Let’s connect over Voxer for an hour, and I’ll provide you with personalized coaching & support. Use the coupon code POLIN at checkout.

Regular Pricing: $150

Soiree Special: $105

The Quickie (90 min)

During this 90-minute Zoom session, you’ll get whatever support you need most right now. Want to create a game plan about your relationship or kink/BDSM? Done. Heal sexual trauma? Done and done.

Regular Pricing: $400

Soiree Special: $280

Short But Sweet

3-month private coaching program. Includes six coaching sessions and priority scheduling. You also have the ability to add on weekly Voxer access to me… normally priced at $900, but that’s 30% off, too!

Regular Pricing: $750 x 3

Soiree Special: $525 x 3

Happily Ever After

6-month private coaching program. The highest level of coaching support that I offer. Limited to 3 people at a time because you’re on my heart and mind all the time. Includes SOOOOOO many bonuses, too!

Regular Pricing: $1250 x 6

Soiree Special: $875 x 6


Bound to Heal 2024

Join us for this first-of-its-kind trauma healing & BDSM retreat happening in November 2024. It’s going to be entirely epic with 2 BDSM play parties, social opportunities, and 15+ hours of BDSM and trauma education.

Super Early Bird Pricing: $1850

Soiree Special: $1550

Coupon code: POLIN

VIP Day (7 hours)

During this full-day, coaching intensive, we’ll work to meet your specifc goals. Can happen virtually or in Madison, WI. Includes a kickoff call and a post-intensive integration call. No experiential BDSM included.

Regular Pricing: $1500

Soiree Special: $1200

Coupon code: WHISTLEDOWN

Overnight Retreat

Personalized experiential BDSM retreat. Includes venue and lodging for you and me, 2 meals, as well as 7 hours of my time during the retreat (6-11pm, 8-10am). Onboarding call, pre-retreat negotiation, aftercare.

Regular Pricing: $2250

Soiree Special: $1950

Split Pay: $990 x 2

Weekend Retreat

Personalized experiential BDSM retreat. Venue and lodging for you and me, 5 meals, as well as 14 hours of my time during the retreat (6-10pm, 8-11am, 1-4pm, 6-10pm). Onboarding call, pre-retreat negotiation, aftercare.

Regular Pricing: $4200

Soiree Special: $3900

Split Pay: $1350 x 3

Please Note: If you’re interested in private experiential BDSM retreat, you must be an existing client OR book and attend a free, no-obligation BDSM Breakthrough Session with me first to ensure it’s a good mutual fit for this highly intense work. (I will honor this pricing if you book your free session before the Bridgerton Bash ends.) If you try to book a retreat with me before booking a breakthrough session, I will refund your first payment less credit card fees.