In the livestream below, I share my entire roadmap to heal sexual repression fast, the process I’ve followed from thinking I was “lustful” and shaming myself for having thoughts about sex to having mind-blowing, aligned, intimate sex with myself and others.

If you’re afraid of sex, feel guilty every time you masturbate, think you’re going to hell for possibly being gay or trans or queer, or you feel ashamed of your sexual desires… this is a MUST-WATCH.

Over the course of the past 10 years, I’ve gone from being “hyper-Catholic,” suicidal, never masturbated, never kissed a person… to a holistic sex coach who is out as queer, kinky, and poly. More than that, I’ve actually explored in all of those spaces and learned to heal my own sexual repression fast. I’ve been part of the kink community since January 2018, had my first girlfriend last year, and was in a polycule at the same time. Prior to exploring all these things, I had been reading about kink, polyamory, and being LGBTQ+ for years.

So here, I’m sharing with you how to heal sexual repression fast, how with you how to shorten the distance that I traveled so that you can move from sexual repression to having an aligned AF sex life in a fraction of the time.

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tw: purity culture, Catholic guilt, self-harm, sex, masturbation, internalized homophobia
cw: explicit language, kink/BDSM