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Okay, this might sound wild, but hear me out. Back in 2014, I remembered some vivid, shocking past life sexual trauma. Specifically, I remembered a traumatic past life I’d lived as a sex slave in 18th-century France. That experience was a lot for me to unpack. To make things more difficult, very few resources existed that discussed past life regression healing and sexual trauma. 

I felt like I was crazy. No one understood my pain. I felt ashamed, dirty, defiled–emotions a rape victim would feel, but my trauma was from a past life. 

I couldn’t take my rapist to court. I couldn’t show anyone the scars he’d left. But they were there, inside my body, my soul. The only way I knew to process my pain was through writing and art. But once I discovered past life regressions, it provided me with deeper healing than everything combined.

Past life regression helped me remember what happened, make sense of my memories and pain, and even get the trauma out of my body. 

In this post, I’ll guide you through my experiences with past life regression and share what worked for me and what didn’t, what helped me grow and what fell by the wayside, and what ultimately gave me the answers and healing I was searching for.

How I Learned About Past Life Sexual Trauma Healing

At the beginning of 2014, past life regression (PLR) was a technique unfamiliar to me. Soon, I’d read at least a dozen books on the topic, devouring my local library’s spirituality section and buying books to sate my need for answers. I quickly became familiar with past life regression experts such as Dr. Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon, and Roger J. Woolger. I also read the work of many other spiritual healers and guides, including Lynn V. Andrews and Sylvia Browne, and holistic health and sexuality experts such as Christiane Northrup, MD., and Regena Thomashauer. 

I quickly learned that PLR is a form of hypnotism. A PLR therapist or practitioner guides a client into a relaxed state where they access their subconscious mind. At that point, the practitioner asks the client questions about what they’re seeing and experiencing and helps them make sense of the images and stories they’re witnessing. But at the time, I knew next to nothing about hypnotism and kept a wary distance. 

It wasn’t until I read Dr. Brian Weiss’s books, Many Lives, Many Masters, and Through Time Into Healing, that I felt more comfortable with the idea of experiencing a past life regression myself. I realized I wasn’t going to be controlled, or come out of a regression thinking I was a frog. 

I learned that I would always be the one in control, and that the hypnotist would simply be there to guide me. Once I’d gained that understanding, I was finally ready to find a past life regression therapist and book a session. 

My First Past Life Regression: Severing Karmic Ties 

By May 2014, I’d been researching past life regression for about 5 months. I’d already seen a psychic and an energy healer, but I knew that to gain the answers I so desperately sought, I would need to have my own past life regression. 

Though I doubted I’d find a past life regression therapist anywhere near me, I searched online. Lo and behold, I found a woman with a practice in my mother’s hometown, just 2 hours away. I emailed her and booked a session for the 28th of June.

In that session, she guided me back to this traumatic lifetime where I had been a sex slave in 18th-century France. I went into the lifetime wanting to learn what my master’s name had been, thinking that would bring me closure. She guided me to look at a piece of paper to see if I could find his name. 

In the mansion dining room, a desk sat by the ornate garden windows. Atop the desk sat a feather quill and ink bottle, along with a parchment, which I picked up. I tried to make out his name in the upper left-hand corner of the paper.

My heart pounded. Part of me feared my master would come in and see me rifling through his papers. I wasn’t supposed to be looking for his name. If I had ever called him by his first name, like I were his equal, he would have punished me severely.

My body shook, tears streamed down my face. I whispered, voice trembling, “I wasn’t supposed to call him by his first name.”

She asked me gently, “What did you have to call him?”

I sobbed and answered, “I had to call him Master.”

She had me relax and take a third-person view, hovering over the scene. Then, she asked me what he was doing. I could barely answer. A knife of shame stabbed my heart. The words caught in my throat.

“I usually saw him when he…would…he would…in his bed, he…he-he…he would…do whatever he wanted with me,” I said, voice trembling.

I couldn’t bring myself to say what he actually did to me. It wasn’t until years later that finally I’d be able to speak about the torture I suffered at his hands. 

Processing the Experience

One of the most powerful things we did in that session was sever my karmic ties with that man. We called in Archangel Michael who severed a thick, white rubbery cord that I saw coming out of my back. As his sword cut through that cord, I felt an immense release. I knew I was free not only from my old master, but from ties to all men who had abused me. I could now begin to heal my fear of being abused in this life.

Overall, my first past life sexual trauma healing session was  profoundly healing and transformative. Still, something was missing. I’d wanted to cry more. I’d wanted to feel my feelings and release my emotions, even if that meant reliving the traumatic events from that life. I was left thirsty, wanting more.

The Key to Healing: Past-Life Sexual Trauma is Stored in the Body

In 2015, I discovered Other Lives, Other Selves by Roger Woolger, PhD. In that book, he presented the missing puzzle piece: trauma, and memories, are stored in the body. That revelation was something I’d known since the beginning, but now I had context for what I was experiencing.

When I first began exploring why I had such deep-seated fears around sex, men, and relationships, I noticed I felt deep pain inside my genitals and lower abdomen when I had certain thoughts about sex. When I focused on this pain, vivid memories flashed before me. Images of a canopied bed and a mansion, and a man who hurt me—a man I couldn’t tell if I loved or hated. 

Woolger encouraged his clients to feel their emotions when reliving a past life memory to achieve catharsis and healing. The client would enters the past life story or memory by feeling the pain in their body and talking about what they feel. In this form of PLR, they are encouraged to move their body and cry and scream to release the trauma from their body for good. 

I knew I would need to find someone who practiced this or a similar type of regression. Ideally someone experienced with past-life sexual trauma healing. Someone who would be able to go into those dark spaces with me so I could finally reach my own catharsis. 

How This Past-Life Sexual Trauma Affected Me

After my first regression, the trauma was still stuck inside my body. Intellectually, I understood it was in the past, but my body didn’t. Just laying down in bed would re-traumatize me. Visions of that life flashed unbidden before me. I still heard the voice of my abusive master whispering lecherous things in my ear. My body would jolt and spasm, and I cried.

I can’t count how many times I cried myself to sleep.

I don’t remember much from 2014 and 2015 because I constantly had flashbacks. But I do remember sitting on my bed writing, sobbing, pouring my soul out onto my laptop, grateful for the blank document that accepted all my pain and sorrow without skepticism or judgement. 

The writing came out of an attempt to resolve more of the trauma still lodged in my body. I kept digging for memories in an attempt to rewrite the initial incident. 

I was digging in the mud for years because I didn’t know how to move on. My situation was something I didn’t know how to deal with–I had no precedent for how I should handle it. 

That’s where working with Kelly Noel really saved me. In the video below, I share more about their techniques, and how I’ve grown over the past two years.

Kelly Noel’s Past-Life Sexual Trauma Healing Techniques: How They Work

The techniques Kelly Noel uses in their past-life sexual trauma healing sessions include somatic processes, as well as the Traffic Light Trauma Framework. Both of these tools have supported me in going deeper during past life regressions. Breathwork, for example, is a simple process I hadn’t used before. I’ve personally found it to be one of the most powerful tools for shifting and releasing mountains of trauma. Finally, in 2020, six years after all this began, I was able to begin releasing the stuck emotions and triggers from my body. 

In a particularly profound past-life sexual trauma healing session in July, Kelly Noel guided me back to one of the scenes in that all-too-familiar lifetime. My master was torturing me in the canopied bed, and I saw it all in great detail. A month earlier when we’d visited this scene, I’d had a trauma response fairly quickly, and Kelly Noel pulled me out of the process. Now, I was ready to go further, and we intended to clear as much as possible from this past life.

Slowly, carefully, delicately, giving me lots of time to pause and breath and sob and integrate between flashes of memory, Kelly Noel guided me through the tragic and heart-piercing scene I’d re-lived so many times. In this session, we were able to stretch apart and examine what had truly taken place between me and my master. There was love, and pain, and a severe lack of consent.

How this Session Untangled My Trauma

After this past life regression healing, I’d finally untangled a huge chunk of my past-life sexual trauma. This session was the first time I’d shared exactly what had happened in explicit detail. I’d written about this past life as a sex slave at least a hundred times, but to finally talk about it was intense. So intense that felt like I’d taken a rock off my throat chakra. I’d finally spoken the story my soul wanted to tell through to its completion. 

This session was also the first time I experienced the memories in first person, fully embodied. I cried and sobbed and felt my emotions totally—something I hadn’t been able to do in my first past life regression six years prior. 

Third, by using breathwork to clear and integrate the emotions I had around this incident, I released their negative charge. I can look at the memories now and not be completely triggered by them. 

And four, we reframed disempowering parts of the narrative around what had taken place between this man and me. Before it had all been lumped together into one mass of trauma. Now, I could see the grey between the black and white, as well as the gifts this experience had given me. 

Past-Life Sexual Trauma to Present Life Empowerment

For many years, my past-life sexual trauma prevented me from fully engaging in life. I was terrified of men. I was afraid to leave my house or even be seen from a window. I believed that if I had sex, I would die. That fear prevented me from having physical sexual relationships. I only dated long-distance. Even then, I felt taken advantage of. I felt like a whore who deserved to be abused. I believed no one would ever want me for more than my body, or truly love me and see me for my soul. 

With the help of past life regression healing, I’ve released and re-framed those destructive thought patterns. I now know that my body is sacred, I am deserving of love, and I can create healthier relationships.

My past-life sexual trauma also blocked me from speaking my truth, being seen, and living my purpose. Writing this article is a huge step for me in all three of those areas. It turns out the thing I was most ashamed ofmy past life sexual trauma—is really a gift. I can now empower others to heal. My greatest weakness has become one of my greatest strengths.

Empower Yourself with Past Life Sexual Trauma Healing

In my experience, not all past life regression healing methods are created equal. Because the body stores past trauma, past life regressions that incorporate somatic processes, emotional release techniques, and breathwork are most powerful. While other past life regression experiences helped me gain clarity on what I was experiencing, it wasn’t until I could release the past trauma from my body that I could move forward in my life. 

As these new techniques for past life healing become more widespread, it is easy to envision a future where it’s quick and simple to heal sexual trauma on an energetic level. Working with Kelly Noel has shown me that that future is already here, and that we are ready for this next step in healing. If you feel called to work with them 1-on-1 like I have, apply for private coaching with them here.

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