Create safer, sexier scenes by upleveling your BDSM negotiation

This trauma-sensitive BDSM negotiation checklist uses our signature HIT SMASHES negotiation framework. It’s great for trauma survivors, newbies, and experienced kinksters alike!

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Ideas for questions to ask during negotiation to make it thorough and trauma-sensitive

Our proprietary HIT SMASHES negotiation framework

Why I Created This Checklist

TL;DR: I wanted you to have more fulfilling BDSM scenes!

It’s really easy (but unhelpful) to take shortcuts when negotiating a scene or dynamic. Plus, most of the negotiation frameworks that exist aren’t designed for people who have experienced severe trauma. This checklist is robust, comprehensive, and everything you need to make your next BDSM scene safer, sexier, and more fulfilling.

Kelly Noel Zeva

Lead Educator & Creator, Zeva Enterprises

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2-page fillable PDF document


Thorough list of questions to consider during negotiation


Uses our trauma-sensitive HIT SMASHES framework

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