Earlier this year, I had an illuminating psychic reading with a woman here in Madison, Wisconsin. In 15 minutes, I learned quite a bit about certain elements of my life. The most interesting thing that I learned was that I am an Indigo and Crystal Child. And then I went down a rabbit hole learning about Crystal Children… this post is a result of my own personal experience and the reading I’ve done.

What are the Indigo and Crystal Children?

Many sites have spoken about this topic at length, so I’ll keep my explanation brief. With the shifting, higher-frequency energies of the Earth, some very powerful Lightworker souls have come to assist us with the transition. So far, there have been three generations of these Lightworkers: the Indigo Children (Indigos), the Crystal Children (Crystals), and now the Rainbow Children, who are being born to Crystal adults.

Indigo Children were the warriors born primarily in the 1970s who began to prepare society for the shifting energies. The Indigos challenged institutions and often confronted authorities. As children, many Indigos were diagnosed with ADD or ADHD because they were very active. Indigos are very intuitive, often psychic. Most of them would now be in their late 30s or early 40s.

Crystal Children were born the following generation, often to the Indigos. Though there have always been a couple Crystal Children “scouts,” we really didn’t start appearing until the early 1990s. However, most Crystal Children have been born in the last 10-15 years. These children (and adults) are loving and joyful with bright, wide eyes and a desire for peace and harmony. They are sensitive to animal suffering, and they often are fascinated by angels and rocks. Crystals are also wise beyond their years, and if you listen, they will tell you what they need physically and emotionally to reach homeostasis.

A number of Crystals have been diagnosed with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome, in large part because they are sensitive to their environment (e.g., toxins in food and the environment, scratchy textures) and because they struggle to deal with the Earth’s denser energies. Some of them may turn inward to escape their challenging environment, or they may look to books, video games, or television as a way to cope with their sensitivity.

The thing that truly surprised me, however, was that a person could be both an Indigo and a Crystal Child. I had never heard of such a thing occurring until I listened Julia Treat’s podcast earlier this year. The woman, who was a psychic and a medium had the fire of the Indigos and the compassion of the Crystals. Likewise, while I identify primarily as a Crystal Child, I have some elements of an Indigo Child.

Being an Indigo, a Crystal Child Adult, and a Young Professional

While it’s helpful to know that I’m a Crystal, that information alone doesn’t have much practical application. How does knowing that we’re Indigos and/or Crystals help us in the world, in our lives?

1. Learn to manage your energy, and create space for yourself.

As an Indigo or Crystal, managing your energy is critical. Because we’re empathic and pick up people’s emotions, sometimes we confuse that gunk with our own. Be sure to sage yourself frequently, and pay attention to when you’re getting maxed out on electronics. Limiting screen time and going outdoors instead for a walk can be incredibly helpful.

Other things that help? Cultivating space for yourself. At my last job, I brought in a painting of the chakras, and I had a basket with tea, dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, lavender aromatherapy, and even a couple of crystals. When my energy started to fade, or if a coworker criticized me and I felt sensitive, I had the tools to bring my energy back to neutral. I even had a “smudging mist” so I could smudge myself without lighting a fire.

Other things that can help include coloring, singing, Reiki, yoga, and meditating… anything that makes your Indigo or Crystal feel joyful, peaceful, and balanced. There are many things that can help us recalibrate; just remember, in the long run, the greater spiritual journey is more important than the momentary experience.

Another thing that will help is to focus on how your current job is helping you fulfill your soul mission. By focusing on what you’re gaining rather than on what you lack, it’s easier to cultivate gratitude and joy.

2. Surround yourself with Archangel Michael’s protective indigo cloak.

Another tactic that can help Indigo and Crystal Children manage their energy effectively is by making sure other people’s “gunk” doesn’t affect their aura in the first place. Call on Archangel Michael to protect you, and only the highest vibrations will filter into your aura.

When I call on Archangel Michael, I usually chant/sing his name three times (the proper pronunciation is MEE-kye-el) and imagine him placing his cloak around me, and then that his violet light enfolds me. On the days that I forget, I can definitely tell that more not-so-loving energy seeps into my aura.

3. Ground Crystal Children when they’re stressed or feeling emotional or flighty.

When I get emotional, it helps if I ground myself. I envision a green tube extending from my torso into the center of the earth, and I wrap it around the Earth’s core. Hugging trees, walking barefoot on grass or wood, or putting your feet in sand or mud can also help. My Reiki instructor also abides by the devices at earthing.com. I can attest that using these devices makes me feel more grounded, but be careful to have the band loose enough and only to wear it for 30-60 minutes at a time. After that length, I start to feel an electric current that’s a bit pinchy.

4. Energize your body with healthy food.

If we always thought of ourselves as a battery and our food as fuel, I wonder how many of us would have radically different diets. For Indigo and Crystal Children, eating pure, plant-based, organic diets is especially important. For Crystal Children, they might even need to be vegetarian or vegan and have a more light-based diet.

For more information on choosing meat options that will benefit your Crystal Child or some tips for going meatless, read this post.

In my case, I ate meat for a long time. It wasn’t until 2013 when I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals that I began to cut back on my meat consumption. And for awhile, that adjustment was fine. But as I’ve been tuning into energy more, consuming meat, alcohol, and sugar has affected me more. And then a few weeks ago, I had a dream that involved dead animals, so I’ve truly been all but vegetarian. And Ronna told me that I can feel the suffering from caged eggs. (Side note: I had a quiche with conventional eggs last week, and I had a headache after. Placebo? Maybe.)

Long story short, Crystal Children are sensitive to suffering, so going meatless and getting pasture-raised eggs is wise. It’s also important to cut out processed foods and dyes, so going organic is a good idea, too. While I believe this kind of diet is in everyone’s best interest if they can afford it, it’s especially important for Indigos and Crystals.

5. Utilize the healing power of crystals.

If you have a Crystal Child, he or she will (probably) be enamored with rocks, especially if they are colored or polished, and especially if they have “magic powers.” Many gemstones have various properties that can benefit Indigo or Crystal Children if they carry them in their pockets. These kids will love going to a store and picking out the rock that calls to them; however, it’s a wise idea to steer them in the right direction.

If your child needs grounding and protection, try labradorite. I have a necklace with labradorite that I wear almost daily, and it’s good for grounding my energy. Labradorite is also known for offering psychic protection, which can be useful since many Indigos and Crystals are very psychically open.

If your child gets easily upset and needs a stronger foundation of love, try rose quartz. This stone connects with the heart chakra and has notes of love, peace, joy, and compassion. It’s also often a beautiful shade of pink, which I imagine many children will like.

If your child is physically ill or hurting deeply on an emotional level, try Malachite. Malachite is known for its healing properties and is associated with the third and fourth chakras, which are connected to self-image and connection to others, respectively.

If your child has trouble expressing him or herself, try lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is connected with the fifth and sixth chakras, so it helps with communication, connection, and it increases wisdom. I have a lapis lazuli ring that I wear to help me with my writing and with connecting to Archangel Michael.

There are many stones out there, and all have value in different moments. Energy Muse is a great resource for learning more about crystals and to source crystals for your youngster.

The Moral of the Story

Energy has a powerful effect on us Indigo and Crystal Children. While more people are tuning into energy and energetic healing is becoming more popular, for the time being Indigo and Crystal Children still have to learn to navigate a world that is not the most conducive for them.

In the longer term, I believe that our workplaces and societal structures will continue to be more accepting, more forgiving, and more accommodating for those of us that are sensitive to energy. But in the meantime, protect your energy and find methods that work for you. Cleanse yourself and your children with sage, as needed, and cleanse their bedrooms, too. Use aromatherapy and feng shui and crystals… there are many paths, many methods. They all have value.

A note to any parents: please be understanding and patient if your little one has trouble adapting to school or other aspects of life; you may have an Indigo or Crystal Child on your hands. I promise that these children are not trying to make your life more difficult; they are simply so far ahead of the curve energetically. These children often know what they need in order to function optimally, so please listen to them and honor what they tell you.

For more suggestions about how to navigate life as an Indigo, Crystal, or Rainbow Child, check out my free list of 5D Ascension resources to purify your energy and continue raising your vibration. Get the free download here.