Back in 2017, I was thinking about renaming my business. And as an entrepreneur, choosing my business name was a special, mega-important event. I wanted it to encapsulate who I was and accurately represent my brand. So, after I learned that I was a Mintaka starseed, I decided I wanted to incorporate that into the business name somehow. Though we have since rebranded to Erotic Empowerment, the former business name of Mintaka Healing & Communications is very near and dear to my heart.

When people ask where I got the inspiration for Mintaka Healing, my standard response was that Mintaka is the right-most star in Orion’s Belt, and that Orion was my favorite constellation growing up. Both of those things are true statements. When I was a kid, I always pointed at the row of three stars and exclaimed, “Look, Mom! It’s Orion’s Belt!” whenever I saw that perfect line in the night sky. However, while I have always had a soft spot for the Orion constellation, there’s a much deeper story to how I selected my business name. And it starts even before I selected the business name in June 2017.

Head’s up: This post goes pretty deep into New Age spirituality. I’m going to be talking about souls, past lives, intelligent life on other planets, and other such stuff. If that’s outside your worldview, and you want to keep reading, feel free to treat this as an interesting and curious fictitious story.

Learning My Spiritual Origins as a Mintaka Starseed

It all really started in early 2016 when I went through my first real breakup. I wanted to know that my partner and I would get back together, so I chose to have an Akashic Record Reading. During this kind of healing session, you can learn about your past lives, your soul connections to other people, or (perhaps more practically) elements of your blueprint for this current lifetime.

I’d never had one of these readings before, so I was a little surprised when there was a message for me before I could ask questions. As part of that message, I was told that I was “an advanced soul” from “very far away.” In my gut, I knew she meant I was from somewhere off-planet. She also shared that I would help others “see through the illusion of suffering” and that I would experience immense spiritual growth over the next 3 years. At the time, I could only fathom a fraction of what she was sharing with me, but I was immensely fascinated with figuring out my spiritual origins. If I wasn’t from Earth, where was I from?

Fortunately, Uncle Google knows almost everything, and I went down a deep, obsessive rabbit hole. I read voraciously about higher spiritual dimensions, and eventually I learned that, indeed, some souls here on Earth were not originally from Earth. Instead, they were from other planets, star systems, constellations, or galaxies. These special souls are called starseeds because their soul was “seeded” or “initiated” on a different planet. They’re also “seeding” the planet with knowledge and modalities that are helping people on the planet increase and expand their consciousness. These souls tend to be deeply interested in spirituality, and they may have strong psychic, healing, or channeling abilities.

According to many bloggers, starseeds experience their first incarnation(s) on other planets. And it leaves an indelible imprint on their psyche that they carry with them from lifetime to lifetime. Think of it like this: when we grow up in a certain culture, we have certain thoughts, habits, and beliefs, and we share certain physical characteristics (skin color, hair texture, stature, immunity). Likewise, our spiritual origin influences the missions our soul chooses and the growth it seeks. By understanding if we’re a starseed or not, we can then better understand ourselves in this lifetime.

After doing several deep dives on the internet in early 2016, I learned that starseeds could be from various places within the universe, including the Orion constellation, the Pleiades, the Sirius star system, the Lyra constellation, and Andromeda. And each of these beings has different physical, emotional, and intellectual traits. Orion starseeds, for example, are known for being curious, lifelong learners. They have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, respond to emotions logically, and seek perfection. They’re also known for being sensitive to their environment, needing alone time to recover and recuperate.

Honestly, the full description describes me to a tee.

Physically, I also fit the standard description for an Orion starseed: they tend to have a medium stature (not stocky, not willowy, not overly tall), and they tend to have fair or olive skin and medium or dark features. I’m fair-skinned but a quarter Sicilian, and I have dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Of course, this doesn’t mean all Orion starseeds look like me or that they won’t choose forms that look different, but the majority of Orion starseeds I’ve met personally have followed this trend. They’re often fair- or olive-skinned, have a medium stature, and have medium to dark brown hair.

How Being a Mintaka Starseed Inspired My Business

Shortly after learning I was an Orion starseed, I formed my LLC. Initially, I named my business KNR Marketing & Intuitive Services because I wanted to do marketing for energy healers, and I wanted to do tarot readings. This was before I began practicing energy healing and long before I even thought about becoming a holistic sex coach and helping people heal from sexual guilt, shame, and trauma.

But then one day, I found an article that got more specific on the types of Orion starseeds. After all, Orion is a constellation. That means that it’s comprised of several stars, 10 of which have planets. Really, then, knowing I was from the Orion system wasn’t as useful as knowing from which specific star system I hailed.

When I came across the concept of being a Mintaka starseed, it resonated to such an incredible degree. The Orion traits were still true, but at my core, Mintaka resonated more in some ways. Mintakans love water and have a strong connection to dolphins and marine life, and they’re also most content if they can work from home. In addition, Mintaka starseeds are cheery people… the cheerleaders of the Orion starseed bunch. After reading the description, I felt like I had an identity, I felt empowered and had a sense of belonging, especially as I met a couple other people from Mintaka, too.

Sidebar: Since originally writing this blog post, I’ve had a couple people reach out sharing that they are also Mintakans. If you resonate with this post and are a fellow Mintakan (hello!) looking for fellow starmates, contact us and let us know. We’d love to hear from you. 🙂

Because this was such a huge part of my life’s work and purpose, I knew I wanted to represent Mintaka in my business somehow. As I continued reflecting, it became obvious that I wanted my business name to include “Mintaka.” To honor where I had come from. To constantly remind myself that my purpose is broader than me, even if I’m the face of Mintaka Healing.

So, in June 2017, I officially renamed my business Mintaka Healing & Communications, LLC, but I’d been sitting on the name for several months at that point. It felt right. It continues feeling right, and I’m grateful for the people who wrote articles about Orion and Mintaka starseeds so that I could learn more about myself and my purpose.

What’s Next for Erotic Empowerment (formerly Mintaka Healing)?

Since rebranding to Erotic Empowerment, I’ve focused less learning about the Ascension process and supporting people with healing creative and sexual blocks so that they can have a a greater impact on the planet. That’s the way our consciousness will shift and dramatically increase. Currently, I support my clients as a holistic sex coach, and I provide group coaching programs, courses, and free content to heal the planet’s relationship with sexuality.

Upcoming projects include starting a podcast and expanding our service offerings so that we can support more people. Right now, a couple of the best ways to get support from us is to subscribe to our newsletters or to join our free Facebook community, the Sexy Spiritual Badasses. We’re also planning to establish a free resource library with meditations and PDF downloads so that you can get started on your healing journey for free.

No matter what… just know that you’re special. You’re a special soul, fellow Mintakan (or curious traveler). And we celebrate you for being here on the planet at this time in history. Thank you for your contributions.

Love and blessings,
Kelly Noel

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