Tarot has long been used as a form of divination to help people understand the current situations in their lives and how they can release blocked energy and move forward. Our team primarily uses angel tarot card readings by Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine as the energy of the cards is softer and the images and descriptions of the cards are not gruesome or terrifying. Instead, the tarot decks that we use show inspiring images of fairies, angels, and archangels.

During an angel tarot card reading, your reader will tune into your psychic energy as well as their own intuition to share guidance from the angels, archangels, and fairies that will promote your highest good and greatest joy. If you seek more clarity on any of your current life situations, a tarot reading can be immensely helpful.

What to Know

Prior to your first  angel tarot card reading, you will need to fill out a short waiver. The waiver basically says that while we provide guidance through the tarot card reading, you realize that you are empowered to make your own individual decisions, and you will not hold us liable for the results of any action you take as a result of the tarot reading. We do our best to channel accurate guidance and will be honest when we’re not sure what the reading says or what guidance we’re hearing. In turn, you recognize that while we are providing insight into your life’s situations, the action you take is ultimately yours.


30 minutes: $44
45 minutes: $55

*Please plan to pay by cash, check, or money order at your session unless your session is at A Healer’s Hand or other arrangements are made in advance.