Corporate Training

In addition to Reiki sessions and classes, past life regressions, and holistic sex coaching, our team offers corporate training for select businesses. This corporate training includes one-time seminars, workshop series, and program development and management. We also have pre-recorded classes that you can license, as needed.

Because our team can lead virtual classes over Zoom, we’re able to work with businesses regardless of their physical location. This ability also means that Kelly Noel Zeva could offer this programming live within a Facebook group, mastermind community, or as a drop-in part of already-developed eLearning content.

What does corporate training in Madison, WI look like?

Corporate training programs differ depending on the organization’s goals and needs. No matter the topic, however, including interactive elements educational component is critical as it fosters engagement in the content.

Our approach to corporate training is flexible and holistic. We begin by connecting with all stakeholders to understand the goals of the training before developing curriculum content. Peer-reviewed research and data informs our programming, and our seminars promote the six dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, occupational, intellectual, and spiritual. We believe that when we strive toward our full potential on each of these dimensions, we experience greater joy, satisfaction, and overall health.

Popular Corporate Training Topics

In general, Kelly Noel Zeva facilitates training related to trauma awareness and sensitivity, mindful communication, inclusivity, and creating holistic workplaces. Sample classes and programs include the following:

  • Minimize Trauma for Trans Folx: How to Create a Gender-Inclusive Workplace
  • Inclusivity Doesn’t End with Anti-Racism: Understanding Ableism & Cisheterosexism in the Workplace
  • Compassionate Communication: Improve Your Partnerships & Coworking Relationships
  • Namaste: Bringing Mindfulness (& Reiki) Into the Workplace
  • Traffic Light Trauma Framework: Creating Safer, Trauma-Sensitive Spaces for Patients and Clients
  • Language Matters: How to Create a Trauma-Sensitive, Inclusive Workplace With Your Words

Because corporate wellness programs vary widely, as can our services, please contact us to schedule a complimentary consultation and receive a custom quote. We can develop custom programming upon request with advance notice, and for an additional fee.