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A handy list of all the freebies, digital products, courses, and current services that I offer. It’s arranged by topic, and sorted by price point (low to high). This list is ever-evolving since I’m CONSTANTLY creating, so be sure to check back!

Sexual Trauma Healing

7 Ways to Heal Sexual Trauma Holistically (FREE)

This PDF walks you through seven key ways that you can start to heal holistically from your sexual trauma. While therapy is a valuable tool, there are so many others like chakra healing, sacred forgiveness practices, and more.

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Etheric DNA Activation Meditation ($11)

This short, channeled meditation will help you access and activate any dormant strands of etheric DNA. This is a great mediation to listen to when you’re on the edge of a breakthrough or about to level up in your life.

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Heal Past Life Trauma ($17)

This 60-minute process helps you connect with one of your past life experiences so that you can heal the trauma that’s contained within it. When you listen to this process, please make sure you’re in a quiet place where you can relax and won’t be disturbed. This process was originally recorded LIVE.

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Sexual Healing Challenge ($97)

This course was originally recorded live as a 5-day free challenge, and it’s consistently gotten rave reviews. People who have had severe sexual trauma have had breakthroughs on what’s held them back from feeling safe in their bodies, patterns of sabotage they have in their relationships, and more. 

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21-Day Chakra Cleanse for Sexual Empowerment ($197)

This 21-day course walks you through healing trauma in your root chakra, your solar plexus chakra, and your throat chakra – three of the chakras that are most impacted after sexual trauma. Each day, you’ll receive a new meditation and journal prompt, and each week, you’ll get access to a longer deep healing process, which you can listen to at any time during the week.

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Kink/BDSM + Relationships

Safer Scene Worksheets™ ($9)

Having these worksheets in hand will empower you to ask important questions before you engage in kink/BDSM play . Create safer, more intentional scenes to avoid creating trauma AND to create conscious connection with your partners with this PDF workbook. This is a great add-on to Better BDSM Limit List™ or Conscious Kink Bootcamp.  

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Radically Easy Relationship Convos ($9)

Want an easy button for those tricky relationship conversations? Here it is! In this micro-course, you’ll learn how to have successful conversations on challenging topics. This course covers what a container is and how to create one, conscious communication language/models, and the 2:3:2 process that my partner and I use in our own relationship. (Yes, it really works.) 

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Better BDSM Limit List™ ($27)

This trauma-sensitive spreadsheet template helps you identify your kinky limits with ease. With filters, intensity categories, and other trauma-sensitive features, the Better BDSM Limit List is the first-of-its-kind and is great for newbies, folx with trauma, and experienced kinksters alike.

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Conscious Kink Bootcamp ($197)

Originally recorded LIVE as a 5-day challenge, this course walks you through the ABCs of practicing kink/BDSM ethically. We cover what BDSM is, what you need to consider safety-wise, the three layers of trauma healing (this one’s juicy!), how to craft an intentional scene, and aftercare. This 4-module course has since been expanded to include topical masterclasses on bondage, dominance and submission (D/s), ageplay, pain play (S&M), and other niche topics.

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Private Coaching ($$$)

Looking for deeper support on your journey? If so, maybe private coaching is a fit for you. During our sessions, I bring all my skills, experience, and tools to the table in the best way to help you heal from your past sexual trauma and/or create the kinky life or dynamic of your dreams (think 50 Shades meets Celestine Prophecy).

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What is this Everything Page all about?

Great question! The Everything Page® was pioneered by Lizzy Goddard in 2018 and typically lists ALLLLL the offers a service provider, coach, or online course creator has in their business.

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