At Erotic Empowerment, our sex blog covers various facets of conscious sexuality: advocating for consent and healthy boundaries, learning to love yourself and your body, having sacred sex, practicing sex magic, healing religious sexual shame and trauma, departing from purity culture, and exploring what authentic sexuality means for you. We strive to be LGBTQ+, polyamory, and kink-inclusive on this sex blog, so please be aware that references to alternative lifestyles may be part of the content you read.

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Latest Articles

Qoya 101: What is Qoya (Dance Meditation Alternative)?

Mindfulness and meditation are popular nowadays, but if you’re like me, sitting or lying still to meditate can be quite difficult. I can’t help but get restless! Luckily for me, I can also experience mindfulness and meditation through movement. Movement-based forms of...

How to Integrate Astrology and Tarot

If you’re like most people, when I say, “astrology,” you think of telethon psychics or grocery store horoscopes. And when I say, “tarot,” you think of a Romani woman with long, dark curly hair. And no doubt she’s in a caravan, hunched over a glowing crystal ball with...

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